Welcome To The Crypto Sluts Club!

The first crypto project willing to push the boundaries of the blockchain — or the lack of them.

Crypto Sluts is the first NFT club for ladies and gentlemen of culture and fine taste. A place made for fun to represent this new era of freedom brought by the blockchain, but that also aims to build a long-term business and reward its early holders.

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What is the Crypto Sluts Club?

The Crypto Sluts are a collection of 10,000 programmatically-generated NFT baddies. All of them unique, with 12 different traits, charismatic designs, and huge personalities.

The best part? All the designs were carefully planned. So unlike other projects, different combinations won’t end up looking weird and dissonant. Here, all designs across the 12 different traits complement each other — so instead of looking dissonant, they end up pushing the personality spectrum to one side or the other.

For example… We all love gothic chicks, right? Well, in Crypto Sluts there are different levels of ‘ghotic’. It’s an spectrum. Some of these girls will be 100% ghotic — with black hair, eyelashes, black dress, tattoos, etc. But others can be 80% gothic, so they can have lots of gothic traits, but brown hair and, instead of eyelashes, a choker. Now, this is the kind of girl that would expect to come across in a Starbucks.

Just like in this example, all traits complement each other, creating different styles for the Crypto Sluts without losing artistic coherence.

What’s the Short Term Plan for the Crypto Sluts?

As we mentioned before, Crypto Sluts is not just a fun project — it’s a club that aims to reward its holders with different benefits. Let’s take a look at them.

The base goal of Crypto Sluts is to create the ultimate club for gentlemen and ladies. So from the start, all holders will get access to an exclusive community where they’ll get to meet, talk and make plans with other connoisseurs.

After that, as the project advances further down the roadmap, holders will receive different rewards:

At 25% of minted sluts, the top 150 holders will receive an unique and extremely rare Nurse Crypto Slut.

At 50%, all top 150 wallets will receive one special Chef Crypto Slut with a cooking apron, which will be the ultimate flex.

At 75%, things will get really spicy, because ALL Crypto Sluts holders will have the chance to mint their slut’s BFF. So just like that you’ll get an NFT for a completely new collection. How cool is that?

Once 100% of the Crypto Sluts are minted then the project will move to its next stage of development.

What’s the Medium and Long Term Plans for Crypto Sluts?

The objective of the Crypto Sluts Club is to create a long term business and increase the importance of each slut. These are some of the things that you can expect in the long run:

Crypto Studs: A collection of cool AF male characters that, when combined with a Crypto Sluts, give you a one-time opportunity to breed a new NFT.

Videogames: We all enjoy a good videogame, that’s why Crypto Sluts are not just sexy NFT art pieces, but also future metaverse assets. They will also have their own videogame.

The Slut Fund: Here’s where 40% of all income generated with the Crypto Sluts will end up. It will be used to make the project grow and develop.


How Will Crypto Sluts Be Minted?

There’s one major philosophy in the project: you don’t choose your Crypto Slut, she chooses you. That’s why when you mint her, what you’re getting is a provably-rare NFT hootie.

After that, you’ll be able to reveal what Crypto Slut you got. Maybe she has a unique piece of earring? Or a rare hair accessory? Or maybe she’s holding in her hand one of your favorite crypto tokens?

Whatever the case may be, one thing’s for sure: she’ll be sexy as fuck.